[FASTCGI] Management Records

Eddie eddie at mailforce.net
Thu Sep 11 21:25:55 EDT 2008

I have been working out a few kinks in the fastcgi++ library and have
noticed a few things. Does the apache mod_fastcgi module by default
assume that the fastcgi application can not handle multiple connections?
I ask this because I can not get apache to try and open more than one
connection to my applications. I have tested to make sure the library
can receive multiple connections by connecting to the socket manually
from another program and it can. I set up a request handler to wait five
seconds before completing it's reply and apache always waits the five
seconds before starting another request.

I figured this would have something to do with my library not answering
management GET_VALUE records but I have yet to see one come from the
apache module. Does the modules perhaps send the management records
through some other channel? Being instead of connecting to the
applications file descriptor 0? I am suspicious because I noticed the
file descriptors for my requests are starting at 6, not 3. This makes me
wonder if some other data was send to me on 3,4 and 5 (or maybe 1 and 2
as well).

Another aspect of management records that I am unclear of is who is
supposed to close the connection after everything (assuming a connection
is created in the same way that a requests connection can be)? With
request connections, there is a field that clarifies that, but nothing
of the sort with management records.
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