[FASTCGI] Management Records

Eddie eddie at mailforce.net
Fri Sep 12 22:20:35 EDT 2008

> I believe Apache is multithreaded and it can't communicate the requests from
> multiple threads to the mod_fastcgi module. I'm not sure if this is
> correct though

That would be in contradiction to what the documentation for mod_fastcgi
says ( http://www.fastcgi.com/mod_fastcgi/docs/mod_fastcgi.html ). It

> The FastCGI protocol supports a feature, described in the
> specificiation as "multiplexing", that allows a single client-server
> connection to be simultaneously shared by multiple requests. This is
> not supported. This does *not* prevent FastCGI applications from
> supporting multiple simultaneous requests over independent
> connections. Of course, the application has to be specifically
> designed to do so by using a threaded or select/poll based server
> model.

It is already a shame that it can't multiplex over a single connection,
but if this documentation is incorrect (which is looking like the case),
then it is almost no better than normal CGI. All this talk has been
going around regarding designing FastCGI applications with the ability
to process concurrent requests but they were being queued by mod_fastcgi

Now assuming all this is incorrect speculation and the module does
support simultaneous connections, how would one figure out how to make
it utilize them? And any thoughts on the management records and whether
or not the module actually uses them? There is no mention of them in the
documentation so I am going to assume it doesn't.

I might try fooling around with mod_fcgi and see if that one will do
simultaneous requests. If not, then it really "sucks" to have written a
protocol library to find that no webservers actually support the
protocol properly. Is anyone actually developing the apache mod_fastcgi?
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