[FASTCGI] Apache 2 Bug (Patch Included)

Rob Saccoccio robs at fastcgi.com
Sun Sep 21 15:36:02 EDT 2008

Hi Philipp.  Thanks for the patch.


I've incorporated the EOS bucket changes, but I don't understand the
"Accept-Encoding" changes for redirects.  Please explain.  If you send
another patch, please use the unified format (diff -u).






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Hi everyone,


we are using mod_fastcgi for a project of ours and found that we were having
problems using OutputFilters under Apache2.


After some analysis the problem seemed to be that mod_fastcgi would not
correctly terminate the bucket brigades it sends down the filter chain. It
would never ever send an EOS bucket.


Due to this OutputFilters such as mod_deflate would get screwed up.


I have attached a patch to this email that fixes the problem for us in the
hopes that it may be useful for the community at large. If you have any
questions about what is being done here, feel free to mail me at any time.
And of course I release all rights to anything in this patch to the
community of mod_fastcgi under the same license as mod_fastcgi.


Regards, Philipp Dunkel

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