[FASTCGI] SetHandler and AddHandler ignored

David Pashley david at davidpashley.com
Mon Sep 29 03:38:02 EDT 2008

I've been looking at a problem I've been having with using
FastCGIExternalServer. The problem is that it ignores SetHandler and
AddHandler and passes everything through the fastcgi handler. I've
tracked this down to the fixups() function in mod_fastcgi.c, which looks
to see if the path is in one of the fastcgi handled paths and explicitly
sets the handler to fastcgi-script. This causes a problem when using php
in fastcgi mode, as the module forces every single request through the
php interpreter, rather than just the php files. The result is that
every request ends up having a content type of text/html. 

The fixups() function was added some time between 22-Sep-2002 and
19-Oct-2002 with the change log entry of:

 *) Eliminate the need for SetHandler or AddHandler with static or 
     external applications.

The solution would be to remove the fixups function and document that if
a users wants the old behaviour, they should add a Sethandler
fastcgi-script option in their apache config. 

I can provide a patch if needs be.

David Pashley
david at davidpashley.com
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