[FASTCGI] sub-processes

Michael Grant mgrant at grant.org
Wed Apr 22 19:31:17 EDT 2009

On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 12:25 PM, Olivier Le Cam
<Olivier.LeCam at crdp.ac-versailles.fr> wrote:
> Michael Grant wrote:
>> PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN certainly needs to be greater than 0, but is there
>> some way I can keep it from multiplying like this?
> See this great collection of informations:
> http://www.seaoffire.net/fcgi-faq.html
> Pay particular attention to this section: "A : The PHP Wrapper and What it
> Does".

Yes, I've seen this excellent page.  I have followed it pretty closely
with only a few exceptions.  For instance, I am using security2_module
to do the chroot, not chrootssh and I'm using suexec to change users,
hence I have this:

    FastCgiWrapper /usr/local/sbin/suexec

I do not see the same behavior reported on this web page.  For example
under "E : Troubleshooting the PHP Wrapper", I do not see an fcgi-pm
process, I only see my wrapper php.fcgi process.  I don't even have
fcgi-pm on my system.  Their processes seem normal and reasonable, I
don't see that on my box.

As soon as I set PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN>0, the number of processes I get seems to be
MaxSpareServers x PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN+1.  This seems wrong.

Michael Grant

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