[FASTCGI] FastCGI with Oracle

A. M. ArunKumar arun at eagle-india.com
Sun Dec 6 22:59:03 EST 2009

That what I was also thinking.  Why should FastCGI clear environment
variables.  Is there any reason to clear the environment variables? 





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2009/12/4 A. M. ArunKumar <arun at eagle-india.com>

Thank you libo (I am not sure about the name, since it shows in chinese


The solution which you gave has helped me.  But its not after accept its
before that. we need to set it back in the C++ program.  I used the setenv
function in c++ and now its connecting to oracle. 

Is this how it is supposed to happen? I don't see why the FastCGI library
should clear environment variables for the whole application...


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