[FASTCGI] FastCGI with Oracle

Rob Lemley rclemley at booksys.com
Mon Dec 7 12:47:39 EST 2009

Darren Garvey wrote:
> 2009/12/4 A. M. ArunKumar <arun at eagle-india.com
> <mailto:arun at eagle-india.com>>
>     The solution which you gave has helped me.  But its not after
>     accept its before that. we need to set it back in the C++
>     program.  I used the setenv function in c++ and now its connecting
>     to oracle.
> Is this how it is supposed to happen? I don't see why the FastCGI
> library should clear environment variables for the whole application...

We really can't tell what is happening because we need to know more
about how A.M. ArunKumar is starting the fastcgi server app.   I think
he's using the apache mod_fastcgi but we don't know if it's external
FastCGI, internal FastCGI, or FastCGI started through the apache ExecCGI

I know from experience that the mod_fastcgi FastCgiServer directive (ie
"internal" fastcgi server) with the "-initial-env name=[value]" option
passes the values into the specified application which is started by the
mod_fastcgi process manager.

So from that, I assume that ArunKumar is NOT running an "internal"
fastcgi server via the FastCgiServer directive.

ArunKumar, can you give us more details about how you're
initializing/executing/starting your FastCGI server C++ app?

If you're running it as a "FastCgiExternalServer" and starting via some
other means (such as init scripts, daemontools, or the windows service
manager), then it's true, the environment variables will not be passed
through the FastCGI connection to the external fastcgi server app.  The
only thing I know of like this is the FastCgiExternalServer
"-pass-header" option, which I'm thinking would pass the headers only
upon receipt of a request from the client.

I haven't worked with the apache "SetHandler" and "AddHandler"
directives to know how environment variables work with those.


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