[FASTCGI] can FCGI_STDIN content length be increased when receiving the STDIN data?

Konstantin Ivanov i_konstantin at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 11 22:36:35 EST 2009

Hi all, I have the following situation which I am try to bypass in attempt to increase the performance. I am using PHP (php-cgi) in FCGI mode on Windows. I have a client to read from the fastcgi server written in C++. The "issue" I am experience is the size of the STDIN content length. I have a file of 65000 bytes (actually it is a print from php-info() function), but when I read it from the FastCGI process the STDIN type header always comes back with the maximum of 8184 bytes, which means that in order to read the entire request and before receiving FCGI_END_REQUEST i have to loop and read from the socket fd 8 times. I think that this is very inconvenient and I was wondering what controls the STDIN maximum content length? You see, if one would increase the Windows socket window size to say 128Kb, then the request of 65000 bytes could be read with a single iteration to recv() function. Did anyone experience the same behavior and if so, would you please
 give your advice or point in the right direction. 

Thank you, 
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