[FASTCGI] 3 Problems: 1&2 Incorrect pipe behavior? 3. Timeouts not working?

Gabriel Petrovay gabipetrovay at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 06:37:38 EST 2009

Three problems:


Why is FastCGI using the same pipe name for multiple instances of
This is by default: \\.\pipe\FastCGI\uuid_like_string.

This problem makes the interleaved behavior described in my previous
post: [Bug on Windows?]
This behavior is in 2.4.0 (With any other newer version of
mod_fastcgi, I wasn't able to start my FastCGI server. This problem is
desribed also in one of my previous posts: [Unresolved problem:
FastCGI: can't exec server "...", CreateNamedPipe() failed]).



The problem above is changing its wrong behavior to another wrong one
when I use the options:

FastCgiIpcDir \\\\.\\pipe\\MyFastCgi8080
for the first apache server


FastCgiIpcDir \\\\.\\pipe\\MyFastCgi9090
for the second apache server

In this case, every 2nd request to one of the Apache blocks until one
more request is made to the other Apache. If no request is made to the
second Apache, the request times-out after 90 seconds.

Can someone explain this blocking behavior?



This last blocking problem made me discover another weird behavior (I
might be missing something). Although I use both type of options:

FastCgiConfig -appConnTimeout 10 -idle-timeout 10
FastCgiServer ...  -idle-timeout 10 -appConnTimeout 10

the request in Problem 2 still times out after 90 seconds. My Apache
config also has the confgurations:

Timeout 300
KeepAliveTimeout 15

What am I missing? Or what is wrong here?

Gabriel Petrovay

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