[FASTCGI] Hot to actually configure FastCGI in Apache2?

Vincenzo Romano vincenzo.romano at notorand.it
Sat Mar 7 11:24:44 EST 2009

Hi all.
I'm running Apache 2.2.9 on Ubuntu Linux 8.10 (Intrepid).
FastCGI is v2.4.6. Everything installed from the official repositories.

I am not able to find and actual working example of Apache configuration
file(s) to have the FastCGI working.
What I need is:

1. user-wide home URLs (like http://localhost/~myuser/aform.hml
2. system-wide FastCGI direcotory and
3. possiblu user-wide FastCGI directory.

Is there any direction to accomplish suche a (possibly trivial) task?

Thanks to anyone for any kind of help.

Vincenzo Romano
NotOrAnd Information Technologies
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