[FASTCGI] FW: newbie installation problems

Tom Lynch lynchcr at live.com
Mon Mar 23 07:38:06 EDT 2009

I'm posting this again, as I received no responses.  I sure would like to get started with fastcgi, but I don't know how to embed a link in html that will invoke the server.  I have tried some variations as noted below.  I sure would appreciate some help.  If this is the wrong forum I apologize, but can someone point me to a correct forum.   

From: lynchcr at live.com
To: fastcgi-developers at mailman.fastcgi.com
Subject: newbie installation problems
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 14:15:22 -0600

I was very excited to see someone had finally Ędone it rightĘ ...

On Ubuntu I installed the apache2 server, which for html appears to be working correctly.

I also installed the fast cgi module ..

I copied the example that counts requests from the programmers manual, cut and paste.  It compiled fine.  I named it fcgitest1.fcgi.  Is this a good naming convention?

In the httpd.conf file I added two lines to set up a static server:

      AddHandler fastcgi-script fcgi
      FastCgiServer /var/www/fcgitest1.fcgi

And voila, great, in the log file it says it started my server.

But now, how do I embed a link in an http file that calls the server?  Can┤t figure it out to save my life.  I┤ve been through all the docs with reasonable carefulness ...  And I tried lots of things

1) I put the server in the /var/www directory, as shown above.   Then I went to mozilla and typed into the link window: http://localhost/fcgitest1.fcgi.   It seems a little funny as that would seem to invoke the server that is already running, but I reasoned that the fcgi module must turn this into a request to the server ..   When I do this I get an error in the apache error log:

[error] [client] FastCGI: incomplete headers (0 bytes) received from server "/var/www/fcgitest1.fcgi"

This is followed by a warning that the server was shut down for not handling signal 11, and then that it was restarted.

I can imagine many ways that a fast cgi server may be called, ah, but how is it supposed to be done?

Thank you for taking the time to getting my pointed in the right direction.  (p.s. I was not able to search the mail archives, perhaps I missed something on that page?)

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