[FASTCGI] Segmentation fault :-(

David Wantia david at wanscha.com
Thu Oct 22 06:47:50 EDT 2009


i have a problem with my fcgi. it can be execute in two ways.

Normally, from /usr/lib/fcgi-bin/req.fcgi (from fastcgi.conf as static  
(apache)) OR
  in a console with an argument, e.g. ./req.fast arg0 (then without  

In the first case, i can control my fcgi by browser  
"localhost/fcgi-bin/req.fcgi?PUSH at 21D1,23D2"
In the second case, i can control my fcgi with the stdin. eg  
"PUSH at 21D1,23D2"

But in the first case, my fcgi restarted by apache sometime and the apache  
errorlog say:

[Thu Oct 22 10:20:14 2009] [warn] FastCGI: server  
"/usr/lib/fcgi-bin/req.fcgi" (pid 22514) terminated due to uncaught signal  
'11' (Segmentation fault)
[Thu Oct 22 10:20:14 2009] [warn] FastCGI: server  
"/usr/lib/fcgi-bin/req.fcgi" restarted (pid 22521)

Is was NEVER happen in the second case. So i must find a way to debug the  
fcgi with the apache.
What can i do? i have no idea how to do this. And i have no idea where the  
error be triggered.

Please answer directly to david at wanscha dot com


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