[FASTCGI] FastCgiServer and cgiwrap

Trevor Astrope astrope at tabbweb.com
Tue Sep 29 13:15:16 EDT 2009

Does anyone know why I get a 404 when accessing a FastCgiServer via an alias 
when using cgiwrap? The same configuration minus the FastCgiWrapper works. With 
the FastCgiWrapper enabled, the server starts successfully, but all accesses to 
the alias result in a 404.

Here is the configuration:

FastCgiWrapper /usr/lib/cgiwrap
FastCgiServer /opt/www/bin/fastcgi.pl -processes 3 \
         -user www -group www \
         -initial-env PATH_INFO=/www/bin/fastcgi.pl \
         -initial-env REMOTE_ADDR= Alias /fastcgi/ 
<Location /fastcgi>
 	Allow from all

Like I said, the server starts successfully and I see debug output in the 
apache error_log, but any attempts to access /fastcgi/ result in a 404. If I 
remove the FastCgiWrapper configuration, the alias works.

Any help is appreciated.



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