[FASTCGI] FastCGI for the Falcon Programming Language

Giancarlo Niccolai gc at falconpl.org
Sun Feb 21 18:37:07 EST 2010


I'd like to notify to the kind developers and users of FastCGI that the Falcon 
Programming Language is currently implementing FastCGI as a part of the WOPI 
(Web Oriented Programming Interface) project.

WOPI is a web-oriented common architecture that allows web-based script 
applications to run just the same under different web service providers. 
Currently we support:

- Apache2 direct integration
- Standard CGI
- FastCGI

Release is imminent; we're cross-building and refining docs (the ones you can 
find are based on the Apache2 module, whose interface for scripts has ben 
maintained mostly unhaletered in the WOPI project).

If you may kindly cross-link us back, we'd be delighted:


Best regards,
Giancarlo Niccolai
The Falcon Programming Language.

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