[FASTCGI] Has anyone used multiplexed connections with FastCGI?

Preston L. Bannister preston at bannister.us
Sun Jan 31 15:33:20 EST 2010

Does anyone use multiplexed connections with FastCGI?

Clearly this requires support from both the frontend (the FastCGI extension
to the web server), and in the backend (the FastCGI application). Also
clearly, most (all?) backends are not written for multiplexed connections
(as this is much simpler). Apparently(?) the IIS frontend for FastCGI does
not support multiplexed connections.

Are there frontends that support multiplexed connections (which I could get
from reading the sources, eventually), and do any work reliably (which may
be harder to determine)?

(Started writing a FastCGI application, putting in support for multiplexed
connections, and wondering if this might be a bad idea.)
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