[FASTCGI] Has anyone used multiplexed connections with FastCGI?

Darren Garvey lists.drrngrvy at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 21:10:12 EST 2010

Hi Preston,

On 31 January 2010 20:33, Preston L. Bannister <preston at bannister.us> wrote:

> Does anyone use multiplexed connections with FastCGI?

I don't know of any servers - free or commercial - which support multiplexed
requests concurrently over a single connection.

Are there frontends that support multiplexed connections (which I could get
> from reading the sources, eventually), and do any work reliably (which may
> be harder to determine)?

I'm developing a (c++) FastCGI library that's "supposed" to support
multiplexed connections, but I've never been able to test this aspect of it
(ie. multiplexing) so can't claim to support it either completely or
reliably. That said, I am currently rewriting the docs for this library and
hope to wrap a release shortly, free-time permitting.

(Started writing a FastCGI application, putting in support for multiplexed
> connections, and wondering if this might be a bad idea.)

Supporting multiplexing caused me some headaches with the unbuffered
approach I took. I still wonder how much efficiency can be gained from
supporting multiplexed connections and if it is worth it in the end. The
Jury's out until there are some performance numbers against a
multiplexing-enabled production server. I haven't found that supporting
multiplexing causes any noticeable runtime overhead, but does add some
complexity to the implementation because of multithreaded considerations.

If you'd like to share your ideas / implementation, let me know (offline if
you prefer).


[1] If you are interested, code is available at
https://svn.boost.org/trac/boost/browser/sandbox/SOC/2007/cgi/. Examples are
in libs/cgi/example.
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