[FASTCGI] mod_fastcgi catch all ?

Rénald Casagraude rcasagraude at interfaces.fr
Fri Sep 10 10:43:30 EDT 2010


On 10 sept. 2010, at 16:33, Fabrice Bacchella wrote:

> I'm very surprised how greedy fast_cgi is.


> <VirtualHost *>
>    DocumentRoot /myweb/htdocs

>    FastCGIExternalServer /myweb/htdocs -host remotehost:9000

> </VirtualHost>
> And it's enough to have fastcgi sends all queries to remhost. Shouldn't an Action, AddHandler be needed ?

Sure it is !

Just use a kind of virtual external server path, AddHandler to what you want to handle, and Alias to your virtual path.


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