[FASTCGI] FASTCGI - strange caracters after POST/PUT

Joana Santos jsmsvalverde at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 05:14:07 EST 2012


I start using fastcgi an I have a strange problem when getting de value
send by POST/PUT method.  When I try to get the content and then write it
to cout strange characters appear.

For example if I post/put  test123_test446 sometimes in my html page i get
the correct value returned but sometimes I get something like  (some
strange characters appear):

                content: test123_test446s://r�

                content: test123_test446 Hk

I have apache 2.2 with mod_fastcgi enabled.

 In my client I’m using XMLHttpRequest to send the PUT/POST requests.

This happens when using fcgiapp:

char * content=new char[len];

FCGX_GetStr(content, len, in);
FCGX_FPrintF(out, "</br> content: %s ", content);


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