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The FastCGI project has largely been static over the last few years, as the previous developer hasn't used it for a number of years and nobody else has had the time to pick it up.  There are a few outstanding patches that do need to be rolled in.

I still host the website, mailing list, and FTP/download repository.  If someone out there wanted to take over as the patch pumpkin and handle a new release, the community might appreciate it.




On Jan 7, 2013, at 11:57 AM, Rob Lemley <rclemley at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I agree the c++ interface is lacking and a good usable c++ wrapper is a good idea.
> The FastCGI code is relatively stable therefore updates are few and far between.
> I think a separate project is the best option.
> I've created a good c++ interface before and am happy to participate.
> Thanks for asking,
> Rob L
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> I am happy to use fcgi-devkit. I want to write some applications with it. I found that the fcgi to c++ interface is not so convenient, so I want to wrap fcgiapp.h or else. Do I need to start a new project or should I contribute my code to fcgi-devkit?
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