[FASTCGI] FASTCGI - How to Debug C++ fastfcgi

Joana Santos jsmsvalverde at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 03:44:23 EST 2013


I'm new in fastcgi/cgi development and i'm new in c++ development too.

The IDE i'm using is eclipse.
I'm using apache2 web server installed in one XUbuntu virtual machine.

In my FastCGI i'm using *fcgi_stdio* .

Sometimes i get internal server error in my fastcgi script and if i go to
apache log i don't find enough information to locate my error.
I think my problem could have something about memory allocation.

If i create a console application project and put my classes there all
works fine.
But when i call my classes from the fastcgi sometimes i receive an Internal
server error.

I would like some help to :

 - debug my fastcgi script and be able to simulate GET, POST and PUT
requests (i'm developing an web application that submits ajax requests.)

 - how to catch this kind of error in my fastcgi and treat it.

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