[FASTCGI] can a httpd fcgi module start sending generated response while the request message body is still being transmitted to the app?

Thomas H Bowden Jr charles_thomas at mac.com
Sun Jan 20 19:34:04 EST 2013

I agree with Jay.

My web-server (by force) has always been apache.  I use perl scripts for anything that is not c++.  In there I have to unbuffer stdin/stdout  ( $|=1).

On Jan 20, 2013, at 4:42 PM, Jay Sprenkle <jsprenkle at gmail.com> wrote:

> Wouldn't the web server module control that behavior?
> Seems like fastcgi doesn't have any control over what happens to the data after it's written to the pipe.
> On Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 1:33 PM, tandread at otenet.gr <tandread at otenet.gr> wrote:
> Hi all!
> I was trying to send a (chunked-encoding) answer that was being
> generated after each chunk of the POST-ed message body was being
> received. I tried with both mod_fcgid and mod_proxy_fcgi and
> both seem to buffer output until all POSTed message body was
> delivered to the application
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