Re: FCGI and Apache

Mark Brown (
Mon, 13 May 1996 13:37:35 -0400

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Subject: Re: FCGI and Apache 
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Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 13:37:35 -0400
From: Mark Brown <>

    I haven't yet figured out why "Unix Domain communications" (named pipes)
    aren't working. I'm running SCO Enterprise System Release 5. Has anyone
    else figured this one out?

In a message on Thu, 9 May 1996, Felix Gallo asked

    Why are unix domain sockets (not existent in several very popular
    SVR3 Unix variants, such as SCO 3.x.x) included but named pipes not?

This may be a clue.  Perhaps SCO doesn't implement Unix Domain
sockets, but also doesn't give a nice clean failure when you
create the socket.  Are there any SCO experts on the list?

According to Stevens' book, SVR3.2 and later implement the basic
"named stream pipe" mechanism.  The Unix Domain socket *interface*
to this mechanism is available on all BSD derived Unixes and
many System V derived Unixes including
Solaris and IRIX.  That's why we chose to use the Unix Domain socket
interface.  Perhaps on SCO it will be necessary to re-groove both
the Web server and application to use the native System V interface
to named stream pipes (involving new ioctls, fattach, isastream, etc.)

    Is there any way the AppClass (Apache server) directive can be
    told to use TCP instead of Unix domain sockets?

Not as it stands.

Depending upon your application, cgi-fcgi may still give you
a performance boost over straight cgi.

By looking at cgi-fcgi.c you should be able to work
out how to extend mod_fastcgi to support tcp.