Re: FCGI and Apache

Paul Mahoney (
Mon, 13 May 1996 16:37:29 +100 (BST)

Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 16:37:29 +100 (BST)
From: Paul Mahoney <>
To: Mark Brown <>
Subject: Re: FCGI and Apache 
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On Sat, 11 May 1996, Mark Brown wrote:
> The absolute simplest FastCGI thing is cgi-fcgi, run from the command line,
> talking to tiny-fcgi.  Here's what to do:
> 1) do a clean build of the kit, being sure to compile with -g for
> debugging.
> 2) start tiny-fcgi:
>     % cd examples
>     % ../cgi-fcgi/cgi-fcgi -start -connect sockets/tiny-fcgi ./tiny-fcgi
> Use ps to verify that the process is running.
> 3) give SERVER_NAME a value (tiny-fcgi expects it):
>     % setenv SERVER_NAME foo
> 4) run a request through tiny-fcgi using cgi-fcgi:
>     % ../cgi-fcgi/cgi-fcgi -bind -connect sockets/tiny-fcgi
> If all is well, some HTML will spit out.  I'm betting
> that it won't.
> If all is not well, you've probably got one or more core dumps to look
> at.  The total amount of code involved is pretty small so you should
> be able to make some sense of it.  At least you can get a stack trace to
> send in.
> Another thing to try if that didn't work is to use TCP rather than
> Unix Domain communications.  Read the cgi-fcgi manpage for
> information on how to use TCP.

I have also been unable to get fgci app going so following the above steps.
Using "Unix Domain communications" I get no output and no core dump. As far
as I can tell cgi-fcgi sends the BEGIN and PARAMS, the select hear a response
but, when read, finds it to be zero lenght and exits with a protocol error.

If I use "-connect localhost:8081" instead of "-connect sockets/ting-fcgi"
it appears to work. That is I get sensible html output, with an incrementing
count value.


I haven't yet figured out why "Unix Domain communications" (named pipes)
aren't working. I'm running SCO Enterprise System Release 5. Has anyone
else figured this one out? 

Is there any way the AppClass (Apache server) directive can be told to use 
TCP instead of Unix domain sockets?

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