ncsa patch help

Brian P Millett (
Wed, 15 May 1996 13:20:11 -0500

Date: Wed, 15 May 1996 13:20:11 -0500
From: (Brian P Millett)
Message-Id: <199605151820.NAA25094@vlad>
To: fastcgi-developers <>
Subject: ncsa patch help

I have ncsa httpd_1.5.1 and have installed the ncsa_patch for the
fcgi-devel-kit 1.4.  Went and patched perl5.002 and installed

I have the following in the srm.conf:

Alias /fastCGI/ /usr/local/httpd/fcgi-devel-kit/

# Set up a alias for FastCGI /fcgi-bin/ 
FCGIScriptAlias /fcgi-bin/ /usr/local/httpd/fcgi-devel-kit/examples/

# Define the AppClasses. These get hit when requests come in for
# /fcgi-bin/tiny-fcgi.fcgi or /fcgi-bin/tiny-fcgi2.fcgi
#AppClass /usr/local/httpd/fcgi-devel-kit/examples/tiny-fcgi.cgi -listen-queue-depth 10 -processes 2
#AppClass /usr/local/httpd/fcgi-devel-kit/examples/tiny-fcgi2.cgi -listen-queue-depth 10 -processes 2
AppClass /usr/local/httpd/fcgi-devel-kit/examples/tiny-perl-fcgi.cgi -listen-queue-depth 10 -processes 2

When I run the httpd server, I get a lot of
"FastCGI process
terminated due to exit" error messages.

If I connect to the index.html at /fastCGI/, then I can select the
tiny-cgi.cgi, tiny-fcgi.cgi, & tiny-fcgi2.cgi examples and they work!
If I select the tiny-perl-fcgi.cgi I get a 500 error, malformed header.

I looked at the mod_fastcgi.html file and read:

"The AppClass directive starts one or more FastCGI application
processes, using the executable file execPath. This file must have
MIME-type application/x-httpd-fcgi. The server is responsible for
restarting these processes should they die. All of the FastCGI
application processes started by a given AppClass directive share a
common Unix domain listening socket. 

When a client request comes in for the file execPath, the request is
handled by the fcgi module because of the special MIME-type
application/x-httpd-fcgi. The fcgi module issues a connect request to
the listening socket for the application class corresponding to
execPath. The client request is served by the FastCGI process that
accepts the connect request." 

Is the "execPath" relative to the FCGIScriptAlias, or absolute path?
How, or do I need, to set the MIME-type application/x-httpd-fcgi?  Is
this part of the tiny-perl-fcgi, or do I add it with the AddType

Any help would be appreciated.

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