Re: FCGI_PROCESS_ID variable

Mark Brown (
Mon, 20 May 1996 14:00:08 -0400

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To: Patrick Walsh/VGI <>
Subject: Re: FCGI_PROCESS_ID variable
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Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 14:00:08 -0400
From: Mark Brown <>

    We don't seem to be seeing the environment variable FCGI_PROCESS_ID.
    We are starting multiple instances of a server managed FCGI program.
    We are using the AppClass "-affinity" option as well.  Any ideas?

Are you sure you are looking in the *initial* environment?  The
process ID is sent only in the initial environment, i.e. the
variables present at process startup.  The process ID is not sent
with every request.

Run the program examples/fastcgi-echo as a Responder with -affinity
and the variable should show up.

If you are still running a server from the beta the
variable might not be there; it was a late addition.  If
you are running a beta, please junk it and get the current