FCGI Externally Managed Servers

Patrick Walsh/VGI (Patrick_Walsh@vanguard.com)
21 May 96 12:24:02 EST

Message-Id: <9605211926.AA7960@VGI1MAIL.vanguard.com>
To: fastcgi-developers <fastcgi-developers@openmarket.com>
From: Patrick Walsh/VGI <Patrick_Walsh@vanguard.com>
Date: 21 May 96 12:24:02 EST
Subject: FCGI Externally Managed Servers


It appears that we'll be running the httpd server on a different machine than 
the one used to run the FCGI processes.  This means we will NOT be using Server 
managed FCGI processes, but externally managed processes. 

After starting the httpd server, we invoke our externally managed programs as 

cgi-fcgi -start -connect :9999 DA.fcgi

As with the Server Managed processes, we want to start multiple instances of an 
FCGI process.  Is this possible with Externally Managed Processes?  We tried 
the following:

cgi-fcgi -start -connect :9999 DA.fcgi 2

To start 2 instances of DA.fcgi (our externally managed process).  It doesn't 
work, we are not sure why yet.  Is this legal?

The App class info (in config/httpd.config) is defined as follows:
ExternalAppClass DA -host renoir:9999
Responder DA  /x/DA

Thanks for your assistance.