Apache Remote FastCGI app ?

Hiren Hindoccha (hiren@lexis-nexis.com)
Tue, 25 Jun 96 10:42:35 EDT

Date: Tue, 25 Jun 96 10:42:35 EDT
From: hiren@lexis-nexis.com (Hiren Hindoccha)
Message-Id: <9606251442.AA08780@ford.lexis-nexis.com>
To: fastcgi-developers@openmarket.com
Subject: Apache Remote FastCGI app ?


The FastCGI document talks of a remote FastCgi app. How does one configure
it in srm.conf ? There is no documentation which describes how to have
a remote app . 
For eg , how can I take the tiny-fgci.fcgi app and run it on a remote machine
(say Y) when my apache server is running on a machine (say X) ? 

Any help is appreciated,