FastCGI, Netscape Commerce Server, PHP

Roland Siebelink (
Wed, 26 Jun 1996 12:05:54 +0200

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Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 12:05:54 +0200
From: (Roland Siebelink)
Subject: FastCGI, Netscape Commerce Server, PHP

I have been delving into FastCGI a bit but there are quite a few bits I do
not understand about it. Perhaps there is somebody who can help me with
these questions:

a) I would like to use FastCGI with my Netscape Commerce Server but there
does not seem to be an NSAPI module for it on the FastCGI site. I did read
the FAQ which states how it can be used with other servers, but will it
improve the performance of the Netscape Commerce Server?

b) Does anybody have experience with integrating FastCGI within the
Netscape Commerce Server through the PHP redirection module? Does it
increase performance, and would informance be increased more if
applications were written in another FastCGI interface (Perl, TCL, Java)
directly rather than in the PHP scripting language?

c) Are there any other things I should know about before starting
experiments with this combination?


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