Re: apache/fastcgi with linux

Lai L F (
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 11:26:49 +0800 (SST)

Date: Wed, 14 Aug 1996 11:26:49 +0800 (SST)
From: Lai L F <>
Subject: Re: apache/fastcgi with linux  
Message-Id: <>

On Tue, 13 Aug 1996, Mark Brown wrote:

> I'm sorry that nobody responded to you earlier.
> If you are going to use free software you do need
> to be somewhat self-reliant however.  That's the
> trade-off.
> Previously you reported the specific error string
>     Error:HTTPd: error connecting to fastcgi server - filename:
>     /usr/local/etc/httpd/fcgi-devel-kit/examples/tiny-fcgi - error: 
>     Permission denied
> The message seems to indicate a problem with the file permissions on
> the Unix domain sockets created by FastCGI server module.  These
> sockets are files created in /tmp with names like
>     /tmp/OM_WS_3.611
> etc.  If you've configured your server to start only one application
> then there should be only one file with a name like this.  You can
> look at the permissions on this file using ls -l.  You'll also need to
> look at the user/group ID on your Web server processes using ps.  Try
> doing these things and see what you find out.
I checked the file in the /tmp directory, the owner of that file is root,
while I used webmaster as the owner of the httpd program...I tried
changing the owner of httpd to root, but while calling the tiny-fcgi, the
browser will just hang there after contacting the server...BTW, the owner
of the tiny-fcgi process if also root, hmm...

> Also I am a bit surprised to see the pathname
>     /usr/local/etc/httpd/fcgi-devel-kit/examples/tiny-fcgi
> rather than
>     /usr/local/etc/httpd/fcgi-devel-kit/examples/tiny-fcgi.fcgi
> since most folks rely upon the .fcgi extension for MIME-typing.
> Did you declare the directory fcgi-devel-kit/examples/
> to contain only fastcgi programs?
That is because I define FCGIScriptAlias to be
/usr/local/etc/httpd/fcgi-devel-kit/examples as documented in one of the
files from NCSA (since i got the NCSA httpd 1.5.2 from them with FCGI
compiled in). I believe FCGIScriptAlias has the same function as
ScriptAlias, ie defining any files that we get from this directory to be
FCGI script, just like ScriptAlias.

The same problem seem to occur with Apache server, ie permission denied
while trying to access that file :(. I suspect the problem to be with
linux 2.0.0 because in previous version of the NCSA server 1.5.0, I get
some permission denied error, after that they send out a patch to correct
it and is included in 1.5.2 now. I guess the problem is not changing the
owner of the tiny-fcgi process to the user that is suppose to own the
httpd process, hmm...

Running FCGI on FreeBSD doesn't give me any problem :)

Thanks for the reply and for FastCGI! BTW, does the openserver from
openmarket run on FreeBSD?


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