Re: fastCGI, memory leaks etc

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Mon, 19 Aug 1996 13:42:41 +0100

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Subject: Re: fastCGI, memory leaks etc 
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} I'm surprised this hasn't been raised before but I would like to be able
} to have some directive for apache-fastCGI processes similar to
} MaxRequestsPerChild, or at least some other way to achieve this effect.
} I have tried to do this in the fastCGI process itself by saying
} while((FCGI::accept()>0) && (count<100)) which achieves the desired
} effect but the 100th access results in a server error.  Is there a way
} to exit the fastCGI-loop gracefully?  It is important for me to be able
} to restart the process every now and then, so if anybody can be of any
} help I'd be eternally grateful (or till the end of the week, which ever
} is sooner).

Exit your process explicitly after n connections - something like 
this at the end of the loop

	if (count++ > 100)

The problem with your code is first you accepted the connection, then 
you dumped out of the processing loop.

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