Performance data?

Skip Montanaro (
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 20:24:23 -0400

Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 20:24:23 -0400
From: Skip Montanaro <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Performance data?

I just built a version of Apache with the FastCGI module this afternoon and
tested it out with the simple FastCGI Python module that Andy Kuchling at
Digital Creations wrote a couple months ago.

Andy's code was written entirely in Python, but I still thought it wouldn't
do too badly against the fork/exec overhead of CGI.  There isn't that much
code executed to implement the protocol.  I was a little disappointed.  Here
are some simple results:

    ~/src/www% time sh http://dolphin/cgi-bin/tstcgi
	   35.09 real         0.69 user        21.16 sys

    ~/src/www% time sh http://dolphin/fcgi-bin/fastcgi.fcgi
	   83.03 real         1.07 user        20.54 sys

    ~/src/www% time sh http://dolphin/
	   22.94 real         0.90 user        20.97 sys is just a Shell script that takes a URL as an argument and
executes httpget with it 300 times.  The last run is the baseline.  Real
time minus user + sys is roughly the time the tstall script was waiting for
the server to return results.  The machine was idle and only serial access
was performed.  Both of the scripts did virtually no real work, just spit
out a Content-type: header and a time.  Both were written in Python.

Before I get more elaborate with the FastCGI stuff, are there some
performance benchmarks floating around I could see that would give me some
encouragement about FastCGI?


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