cgi-fcgi problems on Linux
Thu, 05 Sep 96 08:22:39 GMT

Subject: cgi-fcgi problems on Linux
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 96 08:22:39 GMT
Message-Id: <M.090596.012239.38@P133>

I think the source code compatibility provided between CGI and FastCGI via 
fcgi_stdio is great.  However, I am having trouble with cgi-fcgi ...

The examples/tiny-cgi and examples/tiny-fcgi2 sample programs are working for 
me, but examples/tiny-fcgi is not.  I am getting an errno of 22 back from the 
getpeername call in FCGX_IsCGI() in libfcgi/fcgiapp.c, which is making 
examples/tiny-fcgi think that it is CGI when it's not (consequently it tries to 
do a regular printf instead of FCGI_printf).

The getpeername is using socket# FCGI_LISTENSOCK_FILENO, which is #defined to 
be 0.  I'm not too familiar with sockets, but is this a bad value for use with 
Linux, or is something else wrong instead?  What would be the impact to the 
rest of FastCGI if I changed this to something else?

I am trying to use cgi-fcgi on Linux 1.2.1 (Slackware 2.2.0).  I should 
probably upgrade to a later version, but if I can get things working with the 
older version, that would save a lot of downloading, upgrading, etc, etc.

Don Julien