sockets left in TIME_WAIT

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30 Sep 96 18:52:16 EDT

Message-Id: <>
To: fcgi-developers <>
From: Alan Yagoda/VGI
Date: 30 Sep 96 18:52:16 EDT
Subject: sockets left in TIME_WAIT

We are using a remote managed fastcgi application started with cgi-fcgi.   
It appears that every time a request is issued from the OM Web Server to the 
remote fastcgi application, the  socket descriptor used by the fastcgi 
application is left in a TIME_WAIT state (using 'netstat -a' on Solaris to view 
descriptor state).   Normally setting sockopt() with SO_REUSEADDR on the 
listen() socket descriptor alleviates this problem.   We are using a version of 
cgi-fcgi that sets SO_REUSEADDR but we are still seeing the connections being 
left in TIME_WAIT until the OS cleans up.     We have gotton to the point where 
we can't connect to the fastcgi application because it can't allocate any more 

Has anyone seen this problem?    Any suggestions on how to clean up the 
connections cleanly?



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