re: fastcgi and ssi

James M. Golovich (
Wed, 9 Oct 1996 21:38:22 -0400 (EDT)

Date: Wed, 9 Oct 1996 21:38:22 -0400 (EDT)
From: "James M. Golovich" <>
To: Mark Brown <>
Subject: re: fastcgi and ssi
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Well I did remove the portion of mod_fastcgi, and I have my applications 
generating all the headers that are needed.  It seems to be working.  I 
am going to keep testing it to see if it causes any problems.  If it does 
I suppose I can have one regular cgi app on this site I am working on..


On Wed, 9 Oct 1996, Mark Brown wrote:

> In the case of a normal FastCGI request, mod_fastcgi parses the headers
> produced by the FastCGI application, removes some of them, and
> generates appropriate HTTP headers to send back to the client.
> This means that if you hack mod_fastcgi to suppress the HTTP headers, your
> applications will not be able to respond to HTTP requests.
> The way SSI's "include virtual" is supposed to work is that the server
> runs a sub-request just as if it had come via the network, and
> includes the *body* of the response in the SSI result.  Thus the
> server is responsible for filtering out the HTTP headers from the
> response to the sub-request.  I think that the Apache server must have
> optimized this process by somehow suppressing header generation for
> sub-requests.  Certainly I don't see any code in mod_cgi that "knows"
> when it is being called via SSI.  Making mod_fastcgi look more like
> mod_cgi in its response header generation should cure the problem.
>     --mark