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Sun, 27 Oct 1996 13:39:34 -0500

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Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 13:39:34 -0500
To: Vance Huntley <>
From: Jonathan Roy <>
Subject: Re: handler "fastcgi-script"

  I guess I'm just lazy. We mirror the html to multiple servers and mirror
the cgi with it. I wanted the call to the cgi to map into a specific fastcgi
script instead on only one specific server, by settings in the conf files
ONLY. :) We can work around it for now I guess, or at some point try to get
all of the mirror sites to upgrade their servers to be fast-cgi compatible
and also run our fastcgi script.

  Someone fixed SSI with fastcgi yet? :)


At 02:30 PM 10/27/96 -0400, Vance Huntley wrote:
>>At 08:49 AM 10/18/96 -0400, Mark Brown wrote:
>>  Hmm. This is the thing. We have two scripts, ad.cgi and ad.fcg. On one
>>machine we want "ad.cgi" to run "ad.fcg" and on the other machine we want it
>>to run "ad.cgi". Is there a way to bind a specific Location /path/filename
>>to a specific AppClass to call?
>Hmm I'm not sure if it would be helpful or not, but I have hacked
mod_fastcgi to support mapping a file extension to a particular AppClass.
An example from my own srm.conf:
>AddType application/x-httpd-fcgi .test1
>AddHandler fastcgi-script	.test2
>	.
>	.
>AppClass /web/examples/echo2 -suffix .test2 -initial-env STATE=TEXAS
>AppClass /home/vance/tester -suffix test1
>Thus, any request with a .test1 suffix is passed to /home/vance/tester.
>If anyone thinks this would be useful, I will post the patch.
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