Re: fastcgi under bsdi? ("")
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 08:59:43 -0600 (CST)

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Subject: Re: fastcgi under bsdi?
To: (Darren Reinig)
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 08:59:43 -0600 (CST)
In-Reply-To: <> from "Darren Reinig" at Nov 14, 96 09:59:30 pm

> > right after the shlicc2:
> > 
> > shlicc2  -L/usr/local/fcgi-devel-kit/libfcgi -L/usr/local/lib -o
> > miniperl miniperlmain.o libperl.a
> > /usr/local/fcgi-devel-kit/libfcgi/libfcgi.a  -lfcgi
> > 
> > perl.o: Undefined symbol _run referenced from text segment
> > 
> I recommend using GCC.  I compiled it using gcc with 0 problems.  
> Although you may have a Perl problem as well (we have only been doing 
> FastCGI in C).  We were unable to get a clean compile for Perl 5.003 
> using sh**cc2, however...    
> > I've received a similar error with different shlicc commands...  Has
> > anyone gotten this to work?  using shlicc2 or gcc?  Any secret code
> > words or special chants involved???
> The secret chant is:  "The GNU Compiler is my friend...The GNU compiler 
> is my friend..."  :-)

BSDI's development enviroment is the worst I've used since I did the
DOS thing. Neither GNU cc or binutils will compile out of the box for
BSDI, so your stuck using the ones that come with it. In bsdi, cc is
actually GNU cc v1.03, and gcc is actually gcc 2.4 or 5 something. The
shlicc and shlicc2 programs are actually shell script wrappers for the
respective compilers which somehow implement shared libraries.

I made quite an effort to get gcc 2.7.2 compiled on BSDI, and I was
actually able to do it. But the resulting compiler had a lot of
problems -- mainly that it couldn't compile emacs (bootstrap emacs
would segv) and it couldn't compile the kernel (gas would die with
unknown op-codes). And there was probably a lot more stuff like that
happening that I wasn't aware of.