proto.h redefinition of printf? soooo close!!!

Philip Lockwood (
Sun, 10 Nov 1996 02:17:05 -0800

Message-Id: <>
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 02:17:05 -0800
From: Philip Lockwood <>
To: fastcgi <>
Subject: proto.h redefinition of printf?  soooo close!!!

Hi, everyone,

thank you for all of the hints towards getting perl built under
bsdi with fastcgi... I am almost there - perl 5.003 now compiles
with 96.81% of the tests passing.  however, i'm still hitting one
snag, and i think it boils down to fastcgi's redefinition of

I'm failing three areas:

io/pipe........FAILED on test 7
op/magic.......Unrecognized signal name "INT" at -e line 4.
FAILED on test 3
lib/posix......Unrecognized signal name "HUP" at ./lib/posix.t line 42.
FAILED on test 8

has anyone encountered anything similar, and if so, did you find a
solution?  I'm currently looking at fcgi_stdio.c and trying to
figure out what's gettin dropped and where, but my head is quickly
turning into silly putty.

anyway, i'm sooooooo close, it's downright insidious...  can anyone
save the day?

muchas gracias,