Re: fastCGI for Jigsaw?

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Tue, 26 Nov 1996 18:04:48 -0500

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Subject: Re: fastCGI for Jigsaw? 
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Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 18:04:48 -0500
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> Hello,
> 	I am working on getting fastCGI to work with the w3c Jigsaw httpd
> server ( I can get the cgi-fcgi
> gateway to work, however the FIRST attempt at a connection results in
> the browser "spinning", waiting for a close.  I'm working with the w3c
> people to determine what the problem is.  The NCSA 1.5.2a server works
> just great with the example fcgi, so I know the problem is with the
> way Jigsaw handles the initial socket/stream connection.
> But my question is have anyone at OpenMarket looked at Jigsaw?  It is
> a great Java httpd 1.1 server.  I was wondering on the incorporation
> of the fcgi-devel-kit/java/src/* classes into a Jigsaw resource.  I
> have an idea in that I need to incorporate the FCGIOutputStream &
> FCGIInputStream into the Jigsaw resource that handles the cgi process,
> but what else do I need to worry about?
> Thanks

I haven't looked at Jigsaw, though I have intended to for a while. As for the 
fcgi java code, one caveat - it more or less reflects the state of fast-cgi as 
of last you should probably talk to someone else here about using it 
(I'm no longer in that group).

As far as the  classes go, you would probably need Message, Request, and 
GlobalDefs, to go along with InputStream and OutputStream. You probably would 
not need the Interface class. But then I'm not sure what you would be doing 
with these clases.

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