Re: jigsaw resources under fastcgi

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Wed, 11 Dec 1996 10:17:44 -0500 ()

Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 10:17:44 -0500 ()
From: "S. Alexander Jacobson" <>
Subject: Re: jigsaw resources under fastcgi
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On Wed, 11 Dec 1996, Brian Millett wrote:
> S. Alexander Jacobson writes:
>  |Has anyone gotten jigsaw resources to run on top of fast-cgi?  
>  |On top of the netscape server, apache, iis, website?
> Just the cgi-fcgi gateway as a CgiResource.  However Jigsaw seems to
> "hang" after the FIRST invocation of the fcgi.  Anselm is looking into
> the reason.

I think we are talking about different things.  I would like to develop
for a single java-in-process runtime httpd environment that runs with all
the major web servers.  I am interested in fastcgi because it seems to
provide the in-process capability to apache, ncsa, and openmarket servers.

Right now, the only way to write server-side java applications that run on
all webservers is to use a cgi-wrapper that loads java on every
invocation (VERY SLOW).  An in-process java environment would reduce
invocation time substantially and provides even greater advantages when
used with jdbc or other connection oriented protocols.
> However, with Jigsaw I feel that it would be smart to use the cgi-fcgi
> gateway until you can write a new Jigsaw Resource that would allow the
> "fastCGI" like attributes with session affinity.

I am not too worried about session afinity.  I have a good sense of how to
do that with jigsaw filters and jdbc.  I am much interested in a
consistent viable server side java development environment accross all the
major web servers.


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