Do i need to use gcc on Solaris 2.x?

Will Wilbrink (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 17:08:56 EST

Message-Id: <>
Subject: Do i need to use gcc on Solaris 2.x?
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 17:08:56 EST
From: Will Wilbrink <>

 We have a large application that uses CC and not gcc on Solaris 2.5.
This application uses Tcl as a front end scripting language. I'm
interested in using fast-cgi so that database connection times
are reduced.

I can run with the supplied echo example when I compile the 
development kit and tcl7.4 with *gcc* and then subsequently run 
with tclsh.

 When I switch to *cc*, I get a warning that -in is not support (-include 
blabla), and it links tclsh links. However when I run the same 
example application echo I get the server error:

access to blabla failed for machine, reason: mod_fastcgi: 
Unterminated CGI response headers, 0 bytes received from app

I assume this is a result of the change from gcc to CC when building the
development kit and tclsh7.4.

Is there some way to build using cc?