re:Re: FastCGI, NCSA 1.5.2 & SSI

Mike Baptiste (
20 Jan 1997 15:19 EST

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Date: 20 Jan 1997 15:19 EST
From: "Mike Baptiste" <>
Subject: re:Re: FastCGI, NCSA 1.5.2 & SSI


The NCSA server disallows an exec cgi SSI (CGI or FastCGI - doesn't matter) 
IF you have data passed (via QUERY_STRING or PATH_INFO)  The basis for this 
was allowing PATH Translations (to datafill PATH_TRANSLATED from PATH_INFO) 
on an SSI would take too much time so they disallowed it.  Well, when they 
did that they disallowed data being passed in via QUERY_STRING as well (All 
they do is check the filename of the cgi and ensure nothing else exists at 
the end of the URL).  According to the NCSA designer I spoke with it just 
happened and no one seemed to care.

Anyway, to try and exec a cgi with QUERY_STRING data (fast CGI or not) you 
have to patch the http_include.c module with:

*** http_include.c.orig Fri Nov 10 15:43:54 1995
--- http_include.c      Mon Nov 13 15:17:33 1995
*** 338,343 ****
--- 338,344 ----
      char op;
      int allow,check_cgiopt;
      struct stat finfo;
+     char *query, a[HUGE_STRING_LEN];
      if(reqInfo->url[0] == '/') {
*** 351,356 ****
--- 352,364 ----
+     /* Lets allow data via QUERY_STRING but not PATH_INFO */
+     if (query = strchr(reqInfo->filename, '?')) {
+        *query++ = '\0';
+        strcpy(reqInfo->args, query);
+     }
      /* No hardwired path info or query allowed */
      if(stat(reqInfo->filename,&finfo) == -1)
          return -1;

This allows you to pass data in vi QUERY_STRING in an SSI exec cgi. (Beware 
- if the cgi crashes (Error 500) due to a syntax error or something, the 
server child serving the request gets killed & restarted - memory problem I 
never figured out)

So this will get you a normal CGI exec cgi SSI working with passed data.  
AS for FastCGI, I don't see why it wouldn't work, but I haven't tried it.

So, if you want to stick with NCSA, this should help, but I'd switch to 

Mike Baptiste

In message "Re: FastCGI, NCSA 1.5.2 & SSI", writes:

>> I have succesfully installed the fcgi-devel-kit, Made perl5.003, and installed
>> NCSA 1.5.2 HTTPD server. I have created a FCGI perl script to lookup values
>> from a mSQL server. All of the above works fine, except I would like to be able to
>> use this as a SSI(server side include). However when I attempt to use it with either
>> the "exec cmd" or the "exec cgi" I get the following responce in the page,
>> [an error occurred while processing this directive]
>> I have even attempted to use the "include" and "include virtual" with the same result.
>> Scott Franzyshen
>	I took a brief look at the NCSA code and I don't think that it is
>possible to use SSI with FastCGI apps.  All NCSA allows you to do is
>either do an exec() and obtain output (for cgi) or just cat the file 
>(for regular includes).  Without being biased toward NCSA, I would like
>to suggest Apache server, that does provide a way to support SSI with
>FastCGI and remains highly compatible with NCSA configuration files.
>								Stanley.
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