Returning image/gif Content-type

Sandy Kydd (
Thu, 06 Feb 1997 10:30:16 +0100

Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 1997 10:30:16 +0100
From: Sandy Kydd <>
Subject: Returning image/gif Content-type

I was trying to write a little fcgi app last night which returned a gif
created on the fly using the gd library. I figured that I'd just need to
put out a content type header of image/gif, then write the gif to
stdout. However, this doesn't seem to have worked - the error logs on
the web server suggest a malformed content type header. Has anyone else
tried something like this and got it working? I checked the list
archive, and someone asked the same question a while back but got no


Sandy Kydd <>