Problem with Perl5.003 and cgi-fcgi

Ray Cromwell (
Mon, 03 Mar 1997 18:00:19 -0500

Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 1997 18:00:19 -0500
From: Ray Cromwell <>
Subject: Problem with Perl5.003  and cgi-fcgi

I'm trying to install FCGI on solaris2.4 under perl 5.003 using
dynamic loading.

On first attempt, was giving lots of unresolved symbols
(FCGI_Accept() for instance), so I relinked with

Linker problems gone.

Then I created the following script called mytest:

use FCGI;

while(FCGI::accept() >= 0)
   print "hello world!\n";

I then used
./cgi-fcgi -start -connect '/tmp/mytest' ./mytest
(ps shows the process running)

but when I connect with
./cgi-fcgi -bind -connect '/tmp/mytest'

I get *nothing*, even after defining lots of CGI 1.1 environment

I sprinked a few "open(LOG, '>/tmp/mytest.log'); " inside the while
loop above, and printed someting everytime the loop executed,
and it works! So it appears that STDIN/STDOUT are not being
redirected somehow.

When I installed the solaris binary, everything worked, but I can't
use the Solaris binary because 1) it's 5.002 and my database
modules require 5.003. And 2) I have statically linked binaries already
that I must use

So is it possible to build a dynamic version with cgi-fcgi?