[fwd] How to SysAdmin Apache FCGI ?

Stanley Gambarin (gambarin@OpenMarket.com)
Wed, 05 Mar 1997 08:43:33 -0500

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Subject: [fwd] How to SysAdmin Apache FCGI ?
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 1997 08:43:33 -0500
From: Stanley Gambarin <gambarin@OpenMarket.com>

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Date: Tue, 04 Mar 1997 10:50:05 -0700
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To: fastcgi-developers@OpenMarket.com
Subject: How to SysAdmin Apache FCGI ?
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How does one refresh an AppClass executeable without doing
a kill -SIGHUP on httpd?

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The Linux SysAdmin for my website is willing to bring up
Apache with mod_fastcgi and point it at a piece of
code for me, but if I need to change that code, how do I
get Apache to drop the current process(es) and fire up
the new executeable?

He can't be expected to SIGHUP his server everytime 
somebody makes a code change.

httpd runs as "nobody" so we mere mortals can't SIGKILL 
the process it's running and force it to load new code.

Is SUEXEC the right (and only) way to solve this?

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I realize this may be more of a Unix SysAdmin (or Apache) 
question than a FastCGI question, but I first wanted to 
make sure there aren't any "easy-to-use" hooks in the 
FastCGI module to accomplish this "reset", and I was hoping 
maybe one of you FCGI wizards working on Unix had already 
come up against the situation and found "the answer".

All replies MUCHLY appreciated.  If I can't find a workable
solution, my SysAdmin (understandably) won't implement FCGI.

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Chris Shepard - Maverick@MasterMind.Net
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