Apache 1.2b7 : POST Method not supported?

Jeff Watkins (jwatkins@FuturePress.com)
Sun, 9 Mar 97 02:27:46 -0800

Message-Id: <199703091018.CAA09799@terra.futurepress.com>
Subject: Apache 1.2b7 : POST Method not supported?
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 97 02:27:46 -0800
From: Jeff Watkins <jwatkins@FuturePress.com>
To: "fastcgi-developers" <fastcgi-developers@OpenMarket.com>

I just brought up my first FastCGI application and discovered the 

Method Not Implemented

POST to /test/index.fcgi not supported

Half the time the server doesn't seem to finish sending the error and 
this hangs Netscape. Is there some tricky stuff I need to do in my 
application to support POST methods? Perhaps some server setup? Any help 
would be greatly appreciated. I've included what I figure to be the 
relevant bits...

The following is from my httpd.conf:

AppClass /web/Production/Exploser/test/index.fcgi
AddHandler fastcgi-script .fcgi
<Location /test/index.fcgi>
SetHandler fastcgi-script

And the following is from the main() of my FastCGI application:

#ifdef FASTCGI
    while(FCGI_Accept() >= 0)
            Server::CheckTime( "Request Accepted" );

            /*  Rebuild the URL

            const char* q= getenv("QUERY_STRING");
            const char* host= getenv( "SERVER_NAME" );
            const char* script= getenv( "SCRIPT_NAME" );
            const char* path= getenv( "PATH_INFO" );

            sprintf( URL, "http://%s%s%s%s",
                        (host && *host)?host:"UnknownURL.somemachine.com",
                        (script && *script)?script:"/",
                        (path && *path)?path:"",
                        (q && *q)?"?":"",
                        (q&&*q)?q:"" );

            ObjRef cgi;
            ObjRef env;

            String cgiobject= TheServer->GetOption( "CGIObject",
                                                    kDefaultCGIObject );
            String envobject= TheServer->GetOption( "EnvObject",
                                                    kDefaultEnvObject );

            ObjUtils::NewInstance( envobject, List(0), env );
            ObjUtils::NewInstance( cgiobject, List(0), cgi );

            Server::CheckTime( "Env & CGI created" );

            List ConnectArgs(4);
            ConnectArgs.Set( 1, CGIData() );
            ConnectArgs.Set( 2, URL );
            ConnectArgs.Set( 3, "POST" );
            ConnectArgs.Set( 4, env );

            ConnectArgs.Set( 3, "POST" );
            ConnectArgs.Set( 4, env );

            Value result;
            result= TheServer->RunMethodNow( cgi, "OnConnect", 
ConnectArgs );

            Server::CheckTime( "Connect run" );

            if (!result.isa(NONE))
                printf( (const char*) result.ToStr() );
                printf( "content-type: text/plain \n\n"
                        "An error has occurred. Please contact the 
                        "administrator.\n" );
        catch (Exception& e)
            printf( "content-type: text/plain\n\n"
                    "Caught exception: %s: %s\n", gErrorStrings[e.TheErr],
                    (const char*)e.TheStr );
        catch (...)
            printf( "content-type: text/plain\n\n"
                    "Caught unknown exception\n" );
#ifdef FASTCGI
        Server::CheckTime( "Request Complete" );
        Server::CheckTime( "Dead Serviced" );

Jeff Watkins