Re: FastCGI and perl modules

Sven Verdoolaege (
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 09:38:21 +0100

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Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 09:38:21 +0100
From: (Sven Verdoolaege)
To: damon@netserver.Stanford.EDU (Conrad Damon)
Subject: Re: FastCGI and perl modules
In-Reply-To: <199703192005.MAA12822@netserver.Stanford.EDU>; from Conrad Damon on Mar 19, 1997 12:05:23 -0800

On Mar 19, damon@netserver.Stanford.EDU (Conrad Damon) wrote:
> Which leads me to the general question: Is there anywhere I could find 
> documentation on using perl modules with FastCGI? Do I need to rebuild the 
> ones that are dynamically loaded, and hope they have provisions for FastCGI? 

It's probably not a bad idea to recompile your modules.
They don't need provisions for fastcgi, the merely have to not use stdio

> Does perl 5.003_93 change anything significantly?

Don't think so