and FastCGI with sfio

Conrad Damon (damon@netserver.Stanford.EDU)
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 11:39:55 -0800

Message-Id: <199703211939.LAA29077@netserver.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: and FastCGI with sfio
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 11:39:55 -0800
From: Conrad Damon <damon@netserver.Stanford.EDU>


I'm trying to use the GD module with the sfio version of FastCGI. I've
got sfio compiled into perl, and have a small test script (echo-perl)
working with the FCGI module. But so far I can't get GD to read a GIF
file in successfully (obviously my IO isn't set up straight yet). The
test programs ("make test") die too when the first tries to use a brush.

I've tried two basically naive approaches so far. Compiling GD without
the FCGI flag defined didn't do much (as more or less expected). But I
noticed that defining that flag makes it use the fcgi_stdio version
rather than sfio, so I changed GD.c and io.h to include sfio.h instead.
That didn't work either.

Any suggestions? Let me know if I'm really confused, which is definitely
a possibility.