Re: Qs regarding AppClass -initial-env

Ken Overton (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 09:00:17 -0500

Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 09:00:17 -0500
From: Ken Overton <>
Subject: Re: Qs regarding AppClass -initial-env
In-Reply-To: Rujith de Silva <>
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On Mar 24, 12:05pm, Rujith de Silva wrote:
> > Region /foo/bar/* {
> >         AddCGI MY_CONFIG_URL $HEADER(url)
> >     }
> Okay, this is much nicer, and I hadn't known this was possible.
> Thanks.

I've heard a lot of talk about server-fcgi ENV getting out of sync, so I'm
going to belabor you all with one more questions re: this topic.

So let's say I have these 2 regions:

Region /foo/bar/* {
	AddCGI CONFIG_DIR /configs/foobar
Region /foo/bran/* {
	AddCGI CONFIG_DIR /configs/foobran

Someone browsing hits /foo/bar/1.html, authenticates, now the fcgi knows
$CONFIG_DIR is /configs/foobar.  Then they click over to /foo/bran/2.html.  Is
there going to be an "out of sync" problem here, or will CONFIG_DIR just be
reset to /configs/foobran, no big deal?  Sorry if this is so elementary, I have
just heard too many worrisome reports to watch out for that.

-- kov

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