Re: installing the mod_fcgi with Apache!

Conrad Damon (damon@netserver.Stanford.EDU)
Wed, 02 Apr 1997 11:07:08 -0800

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To: root <>
Subject: Re: installing the mod_fcgi with Apache! 
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 1997 11:07:08 -0800
From: Conrad Damon <damon@netserver.Stanford.EDU>

> I'm using Apache 1.2b2 and wanna install the mod_fcgi module.
> I have dowloaded the fcgi-devel-kit. I have the fcgi libraries
> and I've build Apache with the mod_fcgi. What else should I do
> to have fcgi working?

To use the examples in the kit you need to build the kit. To use perl you'll 
need to build it with sfio or fcgi_stdio (see instructions), and also build 
the FCGI module. Getting perl going might take a bit of work.

> Is it really necessary to alter the Apache httpd.conf?

Only if you want the fastcgi scripts to work :) With your download of 
mod_fastcgi should be mod_fastcgi.html. Read it. Basically you can set 
fastcgi's up with AppClass and <Location> with SetHandler. There's also an 
example httpd.conf in the kit I think.

Good luck!