FDK 2.0.0 (beta 2) is out

Stanley Gambarin (gambarin@OpenMarket.com)
Fri, 04 Apr 1997 16:51:03 -0500

Message-Id: <199704042151.QAA04175@u4-138.openmarket.com>
To: fastcgi-developers@OpenMarket.com
Subject: FDK 2.0.0 (beta 2) is out
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 1997 16:51:03 -0500
From: Stanley Gambarin <gambarin@OpenMarket.com>

	We have received a very positive feedback from the users of 
the first beta.  A number of bugs have been reported, which are 
hopefully fixed in this release :)  Once again, the feedback is 
welcomed.  The list of fixed bugs can be found in the README of the kit,
and also attached below.  If you are still experiencing problems, a 
detailed report is welcomed, including OS, compiler, setup, web server, etc.
Since source code is provided, you can also trace the problem yourself
and send us possible solutions.
	This is still a beta release, so be cautious.  Once more testing
is done and the documentation is brought upto date, as well as some other
minor details, the official release will be made.
	In the meantime, until website links will catch up, you can 
directly download the latest copy of the kit from 
	I will put the latest betas in the same path, so if you think
you missed one, you can always get it from the path above.  Previous
betas are not going to be available once a newer one is out.  This will
prevent me from hunting down bugs that are already fixed.:)  
	The NT portion seems to get a lot of testing, so if you are 
using Unix variant, just grab it and see if it still works :)  There is 
currently no support for NSAPI or WSAPI, and I don't have a fixed timeline,
so please do not ask me those questions.  
	Ok, the list below summarizes most of the bugs that were fixed in
the latest beta.  It is also listed in the README file distributed with kit.
o Updated build_no_shell.bat to create a FcgiBin directory under the
  top level of the FastCGI kit and copy all executables and the
  FastCGI dll there.  This makes it easier to use.

  The readme for NT was updated to reflect this.

o Corrected the Unix version of OS_SpawnChild so that it didn't close 
  the listenFd when forking off child processes.  This code would
  affect the cgi-fcgi application on Unix.  The problem is that it
  could only start one fastcgi process.  Any other processes would not
  get the listen file descriptor and they would die.

o Corrected cgi-fcgi.c so that it properly handled large posts.  The
  bug was introduced with the asynchronous I/O model implemented for
  the Windows NT port.  The problem was not clearing a bit indicating
  that a read had completed.  This caused the application to stall.

o Corrected OS_DoIo, the function used for scheduling I/O for cgi-fcgi.
  It had a bug where it wasn't creating a copy of the file descriptors 
  used for I/O.  This would cause the master list of FDs to watch to be 
  reset and thus would hang the application because we would no longer
  watch for I/O on those file descriptors.

  This problem was specific to Unix and only happened with the cgi-fcgi

o Cleaned up several compilation warnings present on OSF.